Sunday, January 21, 2018


I finally downloaded the Blogger app so I can update this thing regularly. I plan on at least posting a few updates a week even if its without photos just to have a documentation of my projects.

I've been sewing a lot, actually, and salvaging all my fabric like I promised I would. I even salvaged all my threads and trims.

I have found no difference in quality when it came to thread. In fact I found my previously purchased ones to be weaker than even wooden spooled (vintage) ones I'd found.

I've gone through over 20 spools of thread and two over locker cones! I was light on the over locker this year but plan on putting it back in force next year.

I have gotten my T&Ts sorted this year for a button up (Lekala), my fave pants and shorts (a Kwik Sew pattern I will share later this week), my racerback tank tops I always wear (from a New Look PJ pattern mixed with a vintage simplicity) and my fave underthings (Cloth Habit, Burda, Ooh Lala and a sewing book I checked out from the library I'll need to find again).

I have gone from trying to make fancy things or be anything I'm not to actually making stuff I wear. Which is shorts, tank tops, gym clothes, and boots most days.

However because of this I found I want to go out more. Now I have cute clothes my size I actually wear (and yes, still salvaged!) so I want to make nicer clothes again soon.

Now I have to go unpick the sleeves of my next blouse because no matter how many times I make the same pattern, I can't stop making mistakes! (This one involved an unfortunate accident with a missed dart)

(And now blogger won't let me add a photo...)

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