Friday, January 26, 2018


I think I prefer sewing basics, because that's what I've really noticed I got joy out of.

Sometimes I let group mentality get to me and comments like 'more frosting than cake' and comments on people hating basics became engrained in me.

So did pants making!

Turns out I love both. I adore the concept of taking an hour tops (haha tops) to make a basic you'll wear twice a week. In one afternoon I was able to make a weeks worth of undies in 3 different styles! (I still prefer the panties that come with the Watson. I just prefer a third piece for my gusset which a lot of patterns skip.)

I made four pairs of undies for my partner as well. A Kwik Sew pattern for bicycle shorts that had the seamlines they wanted. I should have gone up a size but these fit for now. I can always make more in another afternoon.

I want to make more simple basic tank tops. They're easy, they fit well, I can have all different colours and types and they take like twenty minutes plus or minus cutting time. I even switch around between folding and sewing, FOE, lingerie elastic. And ribbing depending on my mood.

I'm hoping to increase the front a wee bit and make a top with a knit back and woven front. The burda tiny pocket is just too flappy for me.

I entered a sewing comp which is to match a clothing item to your shoes and I have these gorgeous embroidered black leather bootie heels that I could use some black pinstripe ankle zip cigarette pants to go with. I have the fabric. I have the pattern... I just need to adjust it.


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