Saturday, January 27, 2018


I was reading other blogs about stashes and I know mine is  bit much. Put it this way, the only person who's stash makes me feel better is Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. You should really check her out; there's always more to read each week.

I have collected so much. I don't have any need to purchase anything more than yet again more black knit. My shop is sold out and its a gamble what they get in (they're the Queens of overstocked random stuff for cheap). I traded for it when I was only salvaging and lately I've been using old black shirts friends gave me. I'm still running out though. I like my bright prints but there's always 1 or 2 metres and nothing matches anything else. I have found black cottons, linens and knits to be my most used item.

I have roughly 1000m of fabric by guess. I know there's at least ten lengths of 8m alone in the bottom quarter of a box I have. I have eight boxes. Plus two double sized with less than 1m scraps. Then I still have the shelves. Even estimating the boxes 'only' have 100m in each (more likely 150-200 and 500 for the slippery fabrics) its still over 1000 metres. 

I set aside a box of about 40m of fabric and 25 of my top patterns to set aside a 'project box' of things I want to work on sooner. All my fabrics as still visible and sorted by type: two boxes of bottom weight, 1 1 1/2 boxes sheers, one box linens one box tissue knits one thick etc and on and on...

I forot to mention the six boxes under my bed of 'favourites' and my bin of muslin fabrics. (!!!!!)

Which by the way I make muslins now? Who knew right?? But the second I went wait, I can alter this directly then KEEP THE PERFECT DRAFT --AS-- MY PATTERN??

I know. I'm slow. I now just make a muslin of the closest thing I want, pin out/sew in what I want, add seam allowances, test it out, tweak tweak, BAM your muslin just became your pattern for every iteration you make. They fold well and you can put them on different fabrics to make them easily findable. Plus they don't slide around? And pin well? Sign me up for muslin making!

So you may not be as surprised to now know I made two muslins of my zipper ankle skinny jeans (I'd say they're skinny, not cigarette)

I'm already super excited about the fit. No questioning. They'll look ace. I already use the top half regularly for all my other pants.

I knew inba stretch front pockets not to the zip would add bulk so all I did was make them out of a soft silk like probably poly fabric I found somewhere once. It was purple in the light but installed in the pants it has this dusty pink appearance much like 'I bought this in a boutique' which is weird for my normal style.

I haven't even checked the contest rules. Should I not even have started? Is it already over. Oh I'm good. I might have to make an entire new thing for that if I goofed!

But I have a huuuuge stash and a lot of patterns and soon, pinstripe skinny stretch suit pants with silk pockets (cuz if its made of suiting it's no longer jeans is it?)

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