Monday, January 29, 2018

Simplicity 8523

I'm in LOVE with this pattern and o haven't even technically made anything from it. I have made like 4 muslins. Trust me, it's purple dolphin sheets - its not a wearable muslin lol.

But it fits so well! I suspect slightly the 14 and 12 would have the same shoulder but either way the fit is basically what I wanted anyway. I can always trim it half an inch all around if I want it tighter.

This pattern LENDS itself to be altered. The only thing that would be nicer is seam allowance marks (the seam allowance is 5/8 BTW it is hard to find).

But the basic tshirt-in-woven-with-dart is perfect for making aaaanything. It has multiple neckline options and if its big enough the back can br cut on a fold.

But if you want something close to the neck (or lined) you can keep the seam. The sides and darts provide shaping. The darts are basic bust from side seam so they're easy to rotate, move and alter. The neckline options are four even though it didn't need them its handy! Scoop, about 1" away from neck, square and V. I haven't used V yet but it does seem low I'll get back to you.

The sleeves work so you can use the sleeve in the sleeveless armhole. Its a good size for the combo and the size of my arms (which are thick). The sleeves do have enough ease that even the line drawings show them looking almost pleated but I can fix that. It would really be a perfect pattern with no sleeve cap ease. I'm so used to it from Lekala (no movement problems ever) that I forgot big 4 had sleeve cap ease.  However the sleeve is the perfect length and shape for altering.

The ease in the waist for me is like 13.5 ease but I don't mind that. The suggestion is 11. The extra feels nice on the 14 and the 12 would be half an inch off suggestion anyway.

Its nice that's written on there!

All my alterations have come out exactly as I want. I just need to apply these changes to fashion fabrics and all my wovens ever will finally be able to be tops!!!

There will be v necks. Bias fronts! Linens! Cottons! Silks! Ruffles! Sleeves!

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