Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A few things done, but none of them a cardigan.

I got most of my cardigan done but when I got go blind pad stitching the collar roll I decided to make a few fun things.

I finished four pairs of undies. I tried a new (to me) Ooh Lala pattern for a golden front brief but it just came out looking like a frilly pink diaper. I suppose I stick to certain patterns for a reason! Though if I'm going to be using the Watson undies I need to go up a size or two. But I like the shape.

Although since undies are basically 'trim all the edges in frilly sh*t' you can basically make them any shape once you have the base size down.

I don't really need the cardigan just yet its still ridiculously hot. Though for some reason I also started a burdastyle pullover. The pleated low sleeved one from last years workout/ALLTHEKNITS issue.

I thought the tiny pocket tee from Burdastyle would be a t&t but it just looks like a misshaped cape from the back and I don't like it. I also ALWAYS manage to screw up the neckline. I hate ribbed necklines. I always get them near perfect, go to fix that one last little wibble and BAM overlocker eats the whole thing.

So I have a few undies finished for like sixteen hours of sewing off and on. But I have half a jacket, most of  bra (forgot go mention that! I'm trying out an Ooh Lala bra as a swimsuit to match some undies and  tank top I made from someone's scrapped and donated skirt - these two panels are going FAR!), four undies, two more cut out and an unfinished jumper.

I wonder if I'll actually finish any of these.

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