Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Nothing new and still no photos

But lots of work done nonetheless! Truthfully that's why I never kept a blog because it was so hard to write and upload when I was sewing! I still need a new app so I can get to the photos part.

I have left my pants in a naughty corner to let them know how they hurt me and my houndstooth coat is now hanging /behind/ my multiple mannequins because I needed it for pinning. Its still there. Staring at me like 'all you need to do is a rolled collar. Wtf is wrong with you?'

I've made like idk 8 muslins of the simplicity tops. I think I have more fun designing it than actually matching any design to any fabric.

I had wanted to turn my embroidered hummingbird into a gathered neck short sleeve but now I don't like that design.  The fabric is so gorgeous but its suited to a more fitted design. Grr. I don't need to start ANOTHER coat I'll leave hanging til Fall (thank goodness I stay stitch EVERYTHING when I have the energy).

I've told myself not to feel guilty about unfinished projects - I do seem to take them back out eventually!

Maybe I should actually pick a fabric and adjust my pattern so I can make an actual thing. Seems logical.

Oh well at least the majority of my fabric and supplies were free and nothing cost more than $7.

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