Monday, March 26, 2018


I moved to WordPress as I couldn't upload photos to blogger and WordPress also seems better managed.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Just for me

Nobody reads this so I can keep updating just for me!  But the time sure went fast! Two weeks already since my last 'daily' update? Whoops!

I took a break making a tiered petticoat slash hoop skirt to make my partner a button up shirt. I decided to retry a pattern I hate over using the one I had for them (but somehow currently can't find!).

It's almost done. Just hem and buttonholes and buttons.  I get to try my new machine at buttonholes!  Basically that means I get to work out if my old machine would have done them if I didn't pop a spring out of it over a year ago haha.

On the bright side that spring got me handsewing. So there's that. I enjoy it now!  It's funny how you enjoy things once you actually properly learn how to do it. 

I feel being taught really vague slash awful methods for handsewing (my mother tried go teach me but she never even replaced her own buttons so she didn't know either) really made me hate the chore.

I don't even do the knot method I was taught, (it always caused a rat's nest -my mother just told me to trim the little rat's nest! See what I mean?) I just do back stitches now to secure my work. I can get a long seam done by hand in less than an hour.  It's a lovely chore in linen.

Speaking of my mourning blouse is also day I'll finish something again!

I pulled out my coat I was making last month - the hounds tooth one. I'll be finishing that next week I think. :). I'm a lot closer to done than I realized.  I already have all the interfacing sewn in and all the parts ready to go.just need to put it together. :)

Hmm. Probably while I'm working on the Red Carpet Dress I'll also start another button up for me. I've perfected my block for that so a quick machine sew will make me very happy :)

I did splurge and get four new patterns yesterday.  One in the wrong size darn it all. I never remember to check and it's because I'm so skinny I think. If I was a 16 I'd be used to checking by now cause everything is marketed towards me already.

Anyway mostly basics as I do except one child's costume pattern I fit into (shut up!).

I measured my partner and they're 5'4" and I'm definitely 3" shorter than them so my solid 5'1" status is firm.

Now where are those heels...

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Daily Updates

Since this blog is solely for me, I can post any kind of update I want.

Little content? Tons of photos? Authors choice!

Why not use a notebook then?  No idea; I just don't find myself writing in them often. I tried. I managed a couple weeks. Which seems the samr as my online journals to be fair. maybe I'm just bad at record keeping.


I have been sewing since my keyboard broke. I didn't really finish anything but I did put fourteen handsewing hours into a black linen mourning blouse. I only got the front and back yokes and lace insets in that time but it was 8 lace insets! And my first 8, mind you.

I need to share a photo as my work is quite even and pretty. I was careful which is why it took so long. I plan on beading it with black beads in the shape of lily of the valley. And lace ruffles in ever possible seam.  It's a long project.

It was meant entirely for me to remember those I lost. To work diligently through my grief. Also, as I get older, these things are happening more - I need to be prepared.

I plan on putting a fair amount of work into the buttons. I was thinking black on black embroidery or those woven Dorset (?) buttons. I need smaller rings if that's the case but I should have something lying about.

I am making a lot of accessories at the moment. Except like, garment accessories. Ruffles, flounces, sleeves, plackets - lots of pieces. All I know will fit into something since I have my blocks sorted. That's what's really great about that. Since I have now perfected my armhole and shoulder for sleeves I actually like sleeves (when sewn by me, rtw still digs) I can just make all sorts of fun sleeves and whenever I make up a shirt I can pop them in.

I have learned to stop listening to people's complaints online. Not as in ignoring but as in realizing I'm not the same. I like inserting sleeves. I like making bound buttonholes and hand buttonholes.

I like a lot of things people hate with sewing. I even love finding and tracing my size in a pile of lines! Gimme a black and white nightmare puzzle anyday! I'll find that piece you need!

No photos yet cause I can't be arsed :). Laundry is taking a surprising amount out of me today.oh drrr I forgot my meds.


My keyboard broke and so I couldn't post! Expect daily updates once more.

(Who am I even talking to?)

I got a new phone with a WAY better camera now so the photos will be plenty! And downloading new apps is easier so if sh*t breaks i can fix it!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Nothing new and still no photos

But lots of work done nonetheless! Truthfully that's why I never kept a blog because it was so hard to write and upload when I was sewing! I still need a new app so I can get to the photos part.

I have left my pants in a naughty corner to let them know how they hurt me and my houndstooth coat is now hanging /behind/ my multiple mannequins because I needed it for pinning. Its still there. Staring at me like 'all you need to do is a rolled collar. Wtf is wrong with you?'

I've made like idk 8 muslins of the simplicity tops. I think I have more fun designing it than actually matching any design to any fabric.

I had wanted to turn my embroidered hummingbird into a gathered neck short sleeve but now I don't like that design.  The fabric is so gorgeous but its suited to a more fitted design. Grr. I don't need to start ANOTHER coat I'll leave hanging til Fall (thank goodness I stay stitch EVERYTHING when I have the energy).

I've told myself not to feel guilty about unfinished projects - I do seem to take them back out eventually!

Maybe I should actually pick a fabric and adjust my pattern so I can make an actual thing. Seems logical.

Oh well at least the majority of my fabric and supplies were free and nothing cost more than $7.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Simplicity 8523

I'm in LOVE with this pattern and o haven't even technically made anything from it. I have made like 4 muslins. Trust me, it's purple dolphin sheets - its not a wearable muslin lol.

But it fits so well! I suspect slightly the 14 and 12 would have the same shoulder but either way the fit is basically what I wanted anyway. I can always trim it half an inch all around if I want it tighter.

This pattern LENDS itself to be altered. The only thing that would be nicer is seam allowance marks (the seam allowance is 5/8 BTW it is hard to find).

But the basic tshirt-in-woven-with-dart is perfect for making aaaanything. It has multiple neckline options and if its big enough the back can br cut on a fold.

But if you want something close to the neck (or lined) you can keep the seam. The sides and darts provide shaping. The darts are basic bust from side seam so they're easy to rotate, move and alter. The neckline options are four even though it didn't need them its handy! Scoop, about 1" away from neck, square and V. I haven't used V yet but it does seem low I'll get back to you.

The sleeves work so you can use the sleeve in the sleeveless armhole. Its a good size for the combo and the size of my arms (which are thick). The sleeves do have enough ease that even the line drawings show them looking almost pleated but I can fix that. It would really be a perfect pattern with no sleeve cap ease. I'm so used to it from Lekala (no movement problems ever) that I forgot big 4 had sleeve cap ease.  However the sleeve is the perfect length and shape for altering.

The ease in the waist for me is like 13.5 ease but I don't mind that. The suggestion is 11. The extra feels nice on the 14 and the 12 would be half an inch off suggestion anyway.

Its nice that's written on there!

All my alterations have come out exactly as I want. I just need to apply these changes to fashion fabrics and all my wovens ever will finally be able to be tops!!!

There will be v necks. Bias fronts! Linens! Cottons! Silks! Ruffles! Sleeves!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Still no photos!

I still haven't changed apps. This blog is for me anyway so who needs them just yet!

I still haven't finished any of my coats but there's not quite a need just yet. To be honest the gray and burgundy look so nice on the mannequin half made.

I made a couple more undies for my partner, this time sizing up. Kwik Sew 2723, the bicycle shorts but done in cotton and viscose knits with boxer elastic (I also found that in it's packaging while salvaging!). This time a size medium, which will fit a lot better.

I am working on my zip pants but holy hell they like to streeeetch. The elastic in this is ridiculous. It goes like 6x its width when stretched, so I've twisted a leg seam. Great.

I wanted to embroider the pockets to match the shoes but I lost the shoes!! Genius work! Not that I could hem it anyway. I prepared the zips with little gold seahorses.