Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I'm continuing with the cardigan but I'm kidding myself if this is The One.  Its easy for a jacket. But for a cardigan? Unlined? To have a hand tailored rolled neckline? And interfacing?

Luckily I have a gorgeous drapey interfacing and this is a solid knit not meant to stretch much anyway. I did interface both sides of the collar.

I've basically worked non stop on it for six hours minus time go eat pancakes.

I was thinking of taking a break...by making denim shorts.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Vogue cont

I did start making that cardigan. I decided on maroon collar facing and sleeve so it looks faaaabulous with the gray houndstooth. I could tell when I unfolded it that it would fit me nicely and as I put it together it still seems the case!

I have it all cut out and the entire back done and the darts on the front threadtraced

The houndstooth was a salvage but the maroon I bought YEARS ago now.

Oop Very Easy Vogue 8547

I haven't started Vogue 8547 yet but its a gorgeous seventies jacket pattern. It says suitable for knits which we all know is a bit of a joke for the 70s but I think it'll make a suitable base for the cardigan TNT I've been after.

I have a fairly stable gray hounds tooth knit that's dying to be this coat.

Bonus: I never need shoulder pads!

Grape Jam

The grape vine is ripening so I did manage five jars of grape jam and a few pairs of undies out of old shirts for the day. I'll call that a win.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Fabric Shop

I did decide to go to the fabric shop. I got two metres of black linen, a cheap 2m wide striped cotton knit. My 'lady' is still out of black cotton knit after her last sale.

So summary

2m black linen $18
2m white stripe $10
Rotary cutter blades $9
10m bright aqua speckled trim - $4.40
4.9m of light blue striped linen piping - $4.20
1m stretch lace (the kind for undies) $6
5m bra plush elastic in black - $2.50

One of my most expensive visits in two years honestly.

The Truth

The truth seems to be I can't post any articles with photos if I use the Blogger app! I'll have to get a better app. I did hear of these issues from others.

But I said I'd update at least for me and I will dammit.

I have my partners pants pattern traced on my recycled plastic. I'll be transferring it to cloth later today.

I've been using a large roll of recycled plastic packaging I got from Reverse Garbage back before I did my own salvaging. Although it has a lot of benefits one drawback was storage. If they wrinkled they were useless.

So now I transfer a great deal of my t&t patterns to fabric, usually old sheets or muslin, with notes directly on the fabric. For things I make often this is extremely helpful. I keep my altered muslin with all its new edits ready to slap on fabric and cut out more. The thickness of the cloth means pins and weights are nearly (but not entirely!) unnecessary. Just a few on the curves or on particularly slippy fabric and were good to go!

I also found this last year I MUCH prefer cutting on a single layer. I will use extra muslin I have from salvaging (there's a lot - like 300m worth of different fabrics perfect for muslins including actual muslin of varying weights) and cut out both sides of an 'on the fold' piece.

Laying out one length of fabric is much easier to preserve fabric and line up...well..everything. Pattern. Grain. I just HATE lining up two sides of grain perfectly. I often am one or two threads off and that's enough to bug me.

So I bought men's and women's jeans kwik sew patterns (the real basic ones) for my partner and I but it seems the female one was fine for both of us.

It's a good thing it has finished measurements on the pattern pieces because I don't get this ease sh*t with pattern companies. And usually KS isn't so bad.

The women's STRETCH jeans have 10cm (roughly four inches) of ease but the men's non stretch ones have half an inch. What?  Shouldn't stretch denim have negative ease? Annnnyway. I have it set to my EXACT measurements so I can use whatever I want.

I have been buying fabric again but its been really picky. I only want cheap and good since I can find anything now. Ha!


I finally downloaded the Blogger app so I can update this thing regularly. I plan on at least posting a few updates a week even if its without photos just to have a documentation of my projects.

I've been sewing a lot, actually, and salvaging all my fabric like I promised I would. I even salvaged all my threads and trims.

I have found no difference in quality when it came to thread. In fact I found my previously purchased ones to be weaker than even wooden spooled (vintage) ones I'd found.

I've gone through over 20 spools of thread and two over locker cones! I was light on the over locker this year but plan on putting it back in force next year.

I have gotten my T&Ts sorted this year for a button up (Lekala), my fave pants and shorts (a Kwik Sew pattern I will share later this week), my racerback tank tops I always wear (from a New Look PJ pattern mixed with a vintage simplicity) and my fave underthings (Cloth Habit, Burda, Ooh Lala and a sewing book I checked out from the library I'll need to find again).

I have gone from trying to make fancy things or be anything I'm not to actually making stuff I wear. Which is shorts, tank tops, gym clothes, and boots most days.

However because of this I found I want to go out more. Now I have cute clothes my size I actually wear (and yes, still salvaged!) so I want to make nicer clothes again soon.

Now I have to go unpick the sleeves of my next blouse because no matter how many times I make the same pattern, I can't stop making mistakes! (This one involved an unfortunate accident with a missed dart)

(And now blogger won't let me add a photo...)