Monday, March 12, 2018

Just for me

Nobody reads this so I can keep updating just for me!  But the time sure went fast! Two weeks already since my last 'daily' update? Whoops!

I took a break making a tiered petticoat slash hoop skirt to make my partner a button up shirt. I decided to retry a pattern I hate over using the one I had for them (but somehow currently can't find!).

It's almost done. Just hem and buttonholes and buttons.  I get to try my new machine at buttonholes!  Basically that means I get to work out if my old machine would have done them if I didn't pop a spring out of it over a year ago haha.

On the bright side that spring got me handsewing. So there's that. I enjoy it now!  It's funny how you enjoy things once you actually properly learn how to do it. 

I feel being taught really vague slash awful methods for handsewing (my mother tried go teach me but she never even replaced her own buttons so she didn't know either) really made me hate the chore.

I don't even do the knot method I was taught, (it always caused a rat's nest -my mother just told me to trim the little rat's nest! See what I mean?) I just do back stitches now to secure my work. I can get a long seam done by hand in less than an hour.  It's a lovely chore in linen.

Speaking of my mourning blouse is also day I'll finish something again!

I pulled out my coat I was making last month - the hounds tooth one. I'll be finishing that next week I think. :). I'm a lot closer to done than I realized.  I already have all the interfacing sewn in and all the parts ready to go.just need to put it together. :)

Hmm. Probably while I'm working on the Red Carpet Dress I'll also start another button up for me. I've perfected my block for that so a quick machine sew will make me very happy :)

I did splurge and get four new patterns yesterday.  One in the wrong size darn it all. I never remember to check and it's because I'm so skinny I think. If I was a 16 I'd be used to checking by now cause everything is marketed towards me already.

Anyway mostly basics as I do except one child's costume pattern I fit into (shut up!).

I measured my partner and they're 5'4" and I'm definitely 3" shorter than them so my solid 5'1" status is firm.

Now where are those heels...

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