Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Daily Updates

Since this blog is solely for me, I can post any kind of update I want.

Little content? Tons of photos? Authors choice!

Why not use a notebook then?  No idea; I just don't find myself writing in them often. I tried. I managed a couple weeks. Which seems the samr as my online journals to be fair. maybe I'm just bad at record keeping.


I have been sewing since my keyboard broke. I didn't really finish anything but I did put fourteen handsewing hours into a black linen mourning blouse. I only got the front and back yokes and lace insets in that time but it was 8 lace insets! And my first 8, mind you.

I need to share a photo as my work is quite even and pretty. I was careful which is why it took so long. I plan on beading it with black beads in the shape of lily of the valley. And lace ruffles in ever possible seam.  It's a long project.

It was meant entirely for me to remember those I lost. To work diligently through my grief. Also, as I get older, these things are happening more - I need to be prepared.

I plan on putting a fair amount of work into the buttons. I was thinking black on black embroidery or those woven Dorset (?) buttons. I need smaller rings if that's the case but I should have something lying about.

I am making a lot of accessories at the moment. Except like, garment accessories. Ruffles, flounces, sleeves, plackets - lots of pieces. All I know will fit into something since I have my blocks sorted. That's what's really great about that. Since I have now perfected my armhole and shoulder for sleeves I actually like sleeves (when sewn by me, rtw still digs) I can just make all sorts of fun sleeves and whenever I make up a shirt I can pop them in.

I have learned to stop listening to people's complaints online. Not as in ignoring but as in realizing I'm not the same. I like inserting sleeves. I like making bound buttonholes and hand buttonholes.

I like a lot of things people hate with sewing. I even love finding and tracing my size in a pile of lines! Gimme a black and white nightmare puzzle anyday! I'll find that piece you need!

No photos yet cause I can't be arsed :). Laundry is taking a surprising amount out of me today.oh drrr I forgot my meds.

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