Sunday, January 28, 2018

Still no photos!

I still haven't changed apps. This blog is for me anyway so who needs them just yet!

I still haven't finished any of my coats but there's not quite a need just yet. To be honest the gray and burgundy look so nice on the mannequin half made.

I made a couple more undies for my partner, this time sizing up. Kwik Sew 2723, the bicycle shorts but done in cotton and viscose knits with boxer elastic (I also found that in it's packaging while salvaging!). This time a size medium, which will fit a lot better.

I am working on my zip pants but holy hell they like to streeeetch. The elastic in this is ridiculous. It goes like 6x its width when stretched, so I've twisted a leg seam. Great.

I wanted to embroider the pockets to match the shoes but I lost the shoes!! Genius work! Not that I could hem it anyway. I prepared the zips with little gold seahorses.

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