Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lekala 6026 - Classic NonBinary's Shirt - Free Pattern!!

Lekala 6026 - Classic Shirt - Free Pattern

My partner is adorable.
Lekala has this shirt listed under 'men's' but neither my partner nor I are men, so these labels are ridiculous.  Note to the public:  a beard does not a man make!!!

This was simple to sew and went together nicely, but as usual Lekalas instructions were a bit hard to grasp.  Luckily I've made dress shirts before so it wasn't a problem.  Standard burrito method yoke and flat felled seams (which was not suggested by Lekala).

I chose to remove the long sleeves and make it short sleeved.  I had intended the epaulette bits to clip to the sleeve itself but during construction my partner really wanted them to snap to their shoulders, which is why the epaulette is not quite on the right fold or is the right length. Next time!

This pattern was a test make through and through.  First, to test lekalas fit.  Second, to test my partner's style and preferences in handmade things.  They tend to wear anything I make them, loose threads and all, so I don't know if I can trust them to give me good feedback.  They love everything I do too much!  DAMNIT PARTNER BE MORE NEGATIVE.  

I screwed up while making it and tore the front during button construction (also, bound buttonholes from here on out.  Am I the only one who finds welts easy and sewn buttonholes hard?!?!).  So there's a wee little diamond shape patch in plaid covering that up.

Also I chose to just use the collar stand as a collar.

Fabric:  a black sheet salvaged from the Salvation Army rubbish bin.  Accents:  Purchased two years ago for around $7/3m these were scraps.  I guess I could say total cost to make was about $.50?  The buttons were salvaged from a dress shirt that was thrown in the same bin.  It was super lacy and weird so we just took it apart for the lace and buttons.

Total cost:  $.50 if you count scraps from past projects as a cost.

Notes: Fix sleeve, use thinner collar stand for this style collar, size is good, height of partner needs shortened by 2cm in Lekala.  Partner has narrow shoulders and needs adjustment.  Sew on grain next time.


Aside:  I am getting REALLY ticked with gendered patterns.  It's not like the same exact companies couldn't just include all the measurements they already have and LET PEOPLE DECIDE WHAT THEY WANT TO WEAR.  "Misses Dress".  Like WHY do we need to hammer in that dress is misses?  Socially speaking we all fricken already know who the majority wearing this stuff is.  It just seems like a way to say WOMEN ONLY WEAR THIS DRESS OKAY WOMEN ONLY NOT YOU.  Just fricken say "dress", shove the patterns in men's and women's and let people pick what they want to wear based on THAT.

Sure, testosterone and hormones cause different body shapes but raise your hand if you haven't had to adjust a pattern....thought so.

My partner is not a man and it makes them feel awful to have to look through patterns labeled as "mens" just to get a nicely fitted dress shirt that doesn't accomodate boobs.  Come on, some women don't have boobs and some men do, so this kind of gendering is just ridiculous.


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