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Simplicity 7877 - 60s Mini Pant Jumper 100% Salvaged Materials

Hello and welcome to my first post showing off my theoretical skills.  If you're here from Pattern Review, none of this should be new.  Especially since I have copy/pasted my review from there over to here.

I only made this a few weeks ago and have already worn it at least once a week.  If I keep making things I like so much how will I have time to wear it all?

This pattern was salvaged on New Years Eve.  I remember because I found about two dozen of them the same night, as well as very VERY 70s fabric and proceeded to spend the New Year's sewing on a friend's kitchen table until the time count down.  I didn't make this, but I made a swingy brown floral maternity top (I like the room).  I never did finish hemming that; I probably should, shouldn't I?

In dull disclosure it's still technically summer weather here and since I live in QLD, that means HOT HOT HOT.  Even inside with the aircon on I am wearing mostly shorts and tank tops.  Which shows me I definitely need to make some basics up in here!  Hopefully as the temperatures cool, I can start making fun things with the wools I found!

Onto the review!!:

Pattern Description: 
Young Junior/Teens and Misses Jumper and Mini Pant Jumper (including tissue lesson-chart...."tips on top stitching") The sleeveless and collarless jumper v1 and pant jumper v2 with either button or buckle trimmed shoulder straps has back zipper, optional top stitching and patch pockets with optional button trim. Jumper v 1 ia regular length. Pant-jumper is above knee-length.

I chose to make the pant jumper.

Pattern Sizing:
Size 11/12 - one of those weird part teen part adult sizes. I'm pretending I'm not a 30 year old the same size as an 11 year right now.....

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Sure howdy!

Were the instructions easy to follow?

Actually this has got to be one of the best instructions yet. It IS a "how to sew pattern" but I was impressed because this pattern has you working with zips, facings, top stitching, interfacing, hand sewing, and THREE DIFFERENT KINDS OF DARTS. fisheyes on the back, curved from waist to bust and bust dart from side. 

But the pattern directions are really casual about it and make it sound so easy. Which for an experienced sewist it really is but for a beginner I'd HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this pattern to get yourself a lovely garment with a few extra bits to teach you while still guaranteeing you'll get something wearable out of the deal. I think its actually PERFECT for beginners. Not the details of the pattern itself, but the way its laid out. Even the facings are done in a simple straight forward way AND it includes handy little boxes so you can check off the steps as you go. The pattern came with a stitching guide I didnt need but found supremely helpful had I needed it two years ago. 

Honestly truly I'd give this pattern to a brand new sewist. It LOOKS complicated for a complete beginner but it's way easier to comprehend than even those indie basic sewing patterns. Plus you get to do three different kinds of darts!! 

With this pattern you'll learn a lot while feeling calm and being able to use a stable easy to sew fabric to get something /really/ cute. 

I know I'm rambling as usual but this pattern actually did continue to surprise me as I sewed it up. I'm a MASSIVE procrastinator when it comes to finishing and I literally got out of bed at 4am just to finish this cause I couldn't sleep til it was done. Total from choosing fabric to cutting I'd say the whole thing took four hours. I'd like to add the pattern was precut but whoever did it did a HORRID job and cut off some of the pattern itself so i had to redraft some edges.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

Whelp, I did go into it above - but in regards to actual fit - its quite good! It's your stereotypical just barely pre70s (pattern is from 1968) perky bosom dart shaping; so be weary if you have danglies!!! You'll need to move your darts. Lucky me I literally have the body of an 11 year old just barely hitting nub-producing puberty so it works for me. The darts are a leeeeeetle off if I don't wear a bra, which I don't tend to, but did just for you. Aren't you happy?

Fabric Used:

This is some cotton thing I found in the bin. Not quilting weight but not terribly drapey either. I can't tell yet if its style or fabric but its quite cool for summer! This will get a lot of wear! 

So this time my fabric wasn't a scarf of old pair of pants - it was actually a length of found fabric!!

The buckles came off some old handbags and the buttons were found in a box in the bin as well.

My usual 100% salvaged material deal!! Down to the thread!!! And the sewing machine! I only paid for the electricity! 

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

I didn't even BOTHER to pattern match. I had enough fabric to do so, but it ate like 2/3 a metre if I did it and that doesn't seem very salvagey to me. Now I have left over fabric! I chose both the buttons AND the buckle option as I liked both. I forgot to interface the straps so I'm certain I'll regret that as they already want to twist on me.

I do have one slight concern and that's the buttons are fake, and the instructions ask you to invisbly handsew the straps your entire garment staying on above waist height is dependant entirely on the strength of your handsewing. NO PRESSURE!

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

I might sew another one today! Seriously this has got to be one of my new faves. Good for my shoulders, good for my lack of sleeves, but i can layer it if I want!!! SUPER adorable fit, works with a range of fabrics. I want one in corduroy!!!!


If you're a COMPLETE newbie but you're not fond of indie woowoo fistbumps and you also don't want your hand held but want to feel like YOU GOT THIS then this pattern is for you. It's 1968 so its both a bit 60s and a bit 70s. The pattern shows it being worn with knee high socks AND heels if that's anything to go by.

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